Where Do Stadium Keycards Spawn?

Is warzone free on ps4?

Call of Duty: Warzone is currently available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

It is a free-to-play game, though anyone loading it up on Xbox One will require an Xbox Live Gold subscription to access the platform’s online multiplayer features, usually costing $60 in the US, £50 in UK or AU$80 in Australia..

What can you do with red access card?

Red Access Cards are used to open up otherwise locked bunkers. These secret bunkers contain tons of loot and even rare blueprints. Gain access to bunkers by interacting with the keypad near bunkers that have green lights. Red Cards are not needed for Pawntakespawn event bunkers.

Can you open the bunkers in warzone?

Strangely, the only bunker in Warzone that can’t be opened with a keycard is Bunker 11. In order to open that bunker, you’ll have to play a game involving various phones scattered throughout the map.

What does the red keycard do in warzone?

Inside the Warzone bunkers you’ll find a plethora of top tier loot, all the cash in the world so you can buy extras from buy stations, and all the gear to kit out your full squad. If you can get your hands on a red keycard then you’re in a very good place for the rest of the match.

Can you do the stadium Easter egg in plunder?

Completing the Warzone Stadium Easter egg If you are attempting to complete the Stadium Easter egg with friends, you can split up and collect a keycard each. Also, the challenge can be completed in respawn modes such as Plunder.

What bunkers can you open with red access card?

YouTuber MrDalekJD claims that the new red key cards will open bunkers 0, 4, 5, 6, and 9. Other bunkers are seemingly inaccessible, but things appear to be constantly in flux.

How do I open the vault 11 warzone?

Opening Vault 11 Once you interact with all of the Morse Code phones in the correct order, you should have access to Vault 11, which is at the very top of the map above the Military Base fire house. If you completed all the necessary steps correctly, the vault light should be green and you can interact with the keypad.

Do Stadium key cards always spawn?

Unfortunately, these key cards spawn randomly around the stadium. … You’ll never find the key cards in the same spot, nor will they be contained in any crates. They’ll just be lying around like other random loot. But they are easily obtainable: just walk up and grab them like any other item or weapon in the game.

Where is the bar in the stadium warzone?

The CL19 key card refers to the ‘concourse lounge’ – commonly referred to as the bar by players. This room is in the western corner of the Stadium on the middle level above the bleachers.

How do you get into the stadium in warzone?

Warzone stadium keycard locations So, before you can even get the code, you need to get past at least two doors with keycard slots next to them. Like the red keycards you used to get into the other bunkers, now there are new keycards specific to each of the three locked stadium keycard doors.

Can you get keycards in plunder?

You can find the keycards in regular Warzone or even Plunder. Familiarize yourself with the Stadium layout, so you don’t get lost after finding a keycard.