What Is Janalakshmi?

Who is the owner of Jana bank?

Ajay KanwalMD & CEO.

Ajay Kanwal is Jana Small Finance Bank’s Chief Executive Officer.

He is a veteran consumer and commercial banker with 28 years’ experience in the industry.

Ajay was Regional CEO of ASEAN & South Asia at Standard Chartered Bank before joining Janalakshmi as CEO..

Is Jana bank a Nationalised bank?

Jana Small finance bank has got the status of a Scheduled Bank. The Government notified this on July 27 2019, putting Jana Small Finance Bank on the list of the banks included in the 2nd schedule of RBI Act 1934.

Where is the headquarter of Jana small finance bank?

Bengaluru, IndiaJana Small Finance Bank/Headquarters locations

What is the aim of small finance bank?

The objectives of setting up of small finance banks will be for furthering financial inclusion by (i) provision of savings vehicles primarily to unserved and underserved sections of the population, and (ii) supply of credit to small business units; small and marginal farmers; micro and small industries; and other …

How good is Jana small finance bank?

Jana Small Finance Bank offers an interest rate of 8.50 per cent for 1-year deposits. … We reckon this should be the best interest rate when compared to peers. However, you may need to open an account online, as the bank may not have branches like other commercial banks in the country.

Which small finance bank is best in India?

Ujjivan Small Finance BankRanked 13 on India’s Best Companies to Work For List, Ujjivan Small Finance Bank, also received the recognition for ‘Being the Best in the Industry – Small Finance Bank’.

Is small finance bank safe?

“Most small finance banks also enjoy a healthy NPA (non-performing asset) ratio. So depositors need not worry over the safety of their money,” according to experts. Additionally, investors should also note that FDs are a relatively low-risk investment option when compared with other products.

When was janalakshmi granted the NBFC license?

September 2015This licence, granted in September 2015, was specifically for a small finance bank; the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is encouraging the setting up of such banks to bring financial services to the poor and underserved majority of Indians.