Quick Answer: What Is Maxis JomPAY Biller Code?

Can I pay Maxis bill online?

You can pay your Maxis bill online at : Maxis app or Maxis Self Serve..

How can I pay my ATM bill?

After keying in your PIN number, select “ Bill Payment” from the list.Select the name of the bill payment company to be paid.Select the account from which you would like the funds to be withdrawn.Enter the amount to be paid and select “ Yes”.Complete your transaction and take your receipt and ScotiaCard™.

How can I check my Maxis Internet bill?

Your bill statement can be viewed thru the following channels:Maxis app > Bill.Maxis Self Serve > click on the phone number > then click on the bill amount.

Where do I find my biller code on JomPAY?

For every JomPAY biller, there will be a standard Biller Code (BC) and Recipient Reference Number (Ref-1) printed on all bills. If additional Reference Number (Ref-2) is required, it will also be displayed on the bills also.

How do I pay my Maxis bill using CIMB Clicks?

How do I pay bills via CIMB Clicks?Login to CIMB Clicks. Go to Pay & Transfer > Pay Bills.Enter the Biller Name or Favourite Biller to search for the biller you would like to pay to.Select from the list to proceed.Enter the rest of the details.To confirm the payment, TAC is required.

How do I pay my bill with JomPAY?

Simple Steps to Make Payments with JomPAY.Spot. Look for the JomPAY logo and Biller Code on your Bills or Invoices.Go Online. Logon to Internet & Mobile Banking and. look for JomPAY.Pay. Enter the payment details and confirm payment.

What Bill can pay in 7 Eleven Malaysia?

7-Eleven enables e-bill payments for U-Mobile, Astro, TM. 7-Eleven Malaysia has launched a 24/7 bill payment service through the Mol Reload terminal system. The service is provided in partnership with Mol Global, a technology provider for in-store payment services, The Star reports.

What bills can you pay at 711?

Transact e-services or pay your bills with ease at a 7-Eleven near you!Aid.Cable TV.E-Commerce.Internet.Loans.Insurance.Banks.Tuition.More items…

What is a biller code?

The biller code is a unique number required to process a BPAY® transaction and you can find it on your statement or on our website.

What is Ref 1 in JomPAY?

What is Ref-1? The Ref-1 is a unique number that you assign to your customers (and print on their bills) to identify your customers. Your customers will enter Ref-1 into their transaction when they make payment to you so that you can attribute payments received to the correct customer.

Is JomPAY safe?

With JomPAY, you can pay any bills through Internet or Mobile Banking using funds from your Savings, Current or Credit Card accounts. It’s fast, safe, and convenient. 3. … Yes, JomPAY is absolutely FREE for customers who are making bill payments.

How do I pay Maxis with JomPAY?

Nevertheless, you may continue to pay Maxis bills via JomPAY with just a few simple steps:Log on to HSBC Personal Internet Banking on. … Select ‘Pay Bills’.Select ‘Add a Bill with JomPAY’.Key in the ‘Biller Code, Ref-1 and Ref-2 (if applicable)’.Proceed to generate a Transaction Signing Code with your security Device.More items…•

What is JomPAY Biller Code?

Select Payments & Transfers → JOMPAY. 2. Insert Biller Code (9118) and in the Ref-1. field please enter your card’s 16 digits card number. You can now pay your Commercial Cards bills via JomPAY!

How can I pay my Maxis bill through ATM?

How to payGo to the nearest Maybank ATM and select “PAYBILLS” on the main menu screen.Select Bill Payment.Select One-off payment / Add Payee / Registered Payment.Select Payee Category (for one-off payment & new bill registration) and follow the next steps.Select Payee Corporation ( for registered bill)Enter amount.More items…

How can I pay my U mobile bill?

3. Online Bill PaymentEnter a U Mobile account number and the required details.Enter your payment amount.Select a payment method.Confirm your payment details and proceed to make payment.

How do I pay my Maxis bill?

How to pay Maxis bill via Maxis Self Serve?Step 1: Login to your Maxis Self Serve.Step 2: On Maxis Self Serve landing page, tap on “Pay Now” or tap on the bill card to pay from the View Bill page.Step 3: On confirm payment page, enter the amount you wish to pay and tap on “Pay Now”.More items…

What is reference number in JomPAY?

Reference number with check digit is required to ensure the value entered by a client/customer is correct when making payments via JomPAY. The reference number generated is labelled as Ref-1 in your bills or invoices. All check digits are created using the check digit CDA-0001.