Quick Answer: What Does ZEGO Mean?

How long does ZEGO take to process?

Typically e-check transactions are a flat rate fee and debit/credit card transactions are percentage based.

Standard Processing will deposit funds to your property management company within 3 business days if initiated prior to cut-off time..

Is ZEGO safe?

Zego is easy-to-use and backed with the highest levels of security and customer support. Since our inception in 2003, Zego has grown to serve thousands of property management companies and over 11 millions units nationwide.

How long does PayLease take to process?

Standard Processing will direct deposit funds to the recipient’s account within 3 business days if initiated prior to cut-off time. Cut-off time for standard processing is 7:00 PM EST each business day. If your payment is initiated on a non-business day, it will process on the next business day.

How do I set up ZEGO?

To setup a new device, simply click the menu icon in the bottom right hand portion of the app screen. Once you are in the Device setup menu, select the add button and then type of device and the model (if applicable) and follow the step-by-step instructions for connecting the device to your Zego account.

Does ZEGO report to credit bureaus?

Zego Credit Reporting shares a resident’s rent-related payments with Experian RentBureau® and TransUnion®, which are used by various types of credit-granting institutions such as banks, auto finance companies and telecommunications providers. Only positive, on-time rental payment data is submitted.

How much does PayLease cost?

Typical costs for these card transactions are around 2.75 percent of the amount sent, as it is with RentMoola. That translates to $27.50 for a $1,000 rent payment.

What is PayLease account?

PayLease provides property managers the ability to accept and manage rent payments and HOA payments through a secure online interface. With PayLease, residents are able to pay their property manager using an E-check or with a credit card.

How do I use PayLease?

Through PayLease, you can make your monthly payment via credit/debit card or an e-check from your checking or savings account. You may choose to make a one-time payment at ThreeOaksProperties.com or sign up to have your payments automatically withdrawn each month. It’s that easy! No more hassle and no more late fees.

Is PayLease safe to use?

PayLease solutions are easy-to-use and are backed with the highest levels of security and customer support. PayLease serves thousands of property management companies nationwide.

What is ZEGO payment?

The best online rent payment system for better efficiency and cash flow. … Zego Pay minimizes the amount of paper payments that come through the door by offering residents convenient and flexible alternatives. Residents can pay online, with a rent payment mobile app, or in person at a retail location.

What is the ZEGO team?

Zego (Powered by PayLease) is a property technology company that frees management companies and community associations to go above and beyond for their residents. … With more than 250 employees, Zego serves 6,000 residential real estate companies and over 12 million units nationwide.

How does ZEGO pay as you go work?

Pay-as-you-go At the start of each session, one hour of cover is purchased and put in place. This is the minimum amount you will be charged for while you are working. At the end of the hour, the Zego app will check back to see if you are still working.