Quick Answer: What Does The C Stand For On NFL Jerseys?

What does G mean in football?

guardIn gridiron football, a guard (G) is a player who lines up between the center and the tackles on the offensive line of a football team on the line of scrimmage used primarily for blocking..

Why does Witten have Darth Vader on his jersey?

It’s the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award patch, and any player who has won the award will wear the patch for the rest of their career — a tradition that started this week. The patch depicts the trophy given to the annual winner. Witten won the award in 2012. .

What is the symbol on the NFL jerseys?

For starters, all active players who’ve won the Payton award will now wear a jersey patch for the rest of their careers. The first such player to do so was Saints quarterback Drew Brees, who wore the patch for last night’s game against the Falcons (see above).

Do NFL players pay for their own jerseys?

Players are charged $500 and up when they give away their game-worn uniform tops. (Otherwise, those costs would probably have to count against the team’s salary cap.) … Of course, it’s difficult to blame NFL teams for wanting to get their money back when a player gives his jersey away.

What does JJ Watt have on his jersey?

Watt earned the gold addition to his Texans jersey when he won Walter Payton Man of the Year in 2017. The award honors a player’s volunteer and charity work, as well as his excellence on the field. Every winner gets a patch added to their jersey the rest of their career.

Do NFL players use new jerseys every game?

One might assume that teams have a new uniform for every game, and they do use special uniforms, like historic throwback uniforms, for special games. The reality is, however, they wear the same uniforms, either a home or away version, most games.

What happens to used NFL jerseys?

When they reach a certain condition (decided by the club and enforced by the equipment mgr), the jersey will become a practice jersey. When it outlives it’s usefulness there, it will be scrapped. Superbowl players will wear brand new jerseys and they will likely be sold or donated (charity, HOF, etc) after the game.

What does the C stand for in football?

team captainPlayers who have been named a team captain typically wear a “C” patch on their jerseys. … The number of gold stars on the patch represents the number of years that player has been named captain by a team. If he has been named captain for longer than four years, the “C” on the patch is gold.

What is the C on Aaron Rodgers jersey for?

The captains’ patches have gold stars underneath the “C” to signify how many years the player has been a captain. In the past, the Packers elected captains to wear the patches only in the playoffs, which are counting in the tallies for Rodgers and Crosby.

Why do NFL players exchange jerseys?

The swapping of jerseys has become a tradition in the NFL, just like gathering midfield for a postgame prayer. The players use this time to catch up with old friends, college teammates and just other stars who are looking to swap jerseys with other players.

What is the patch on Drew Brees Jersey?

Drew Brees, who won the award in 2006, will become the first player to sport the patch when the New Orleans Saints play the Atlanta Falcons on Thursday night. It’s a silhouette of a football player wearing a sideline coat, meant to look like a cape. The patch was modeled after the trophy for the award.

What does OG mean in football?

own goalAn own goal is an event in competitive goal-scoring sports (such as association football or hockey) where a player scores on their own side of the playing area rather than the one defended by the opponent.