Quick Answer: How Can I Know My PAN Number Without PAN Number?

How can I know my PAN number by name?

Steps to follow are:On the e-Filing website, click on “Know Your PAN”.Enter your Date of Birth or Date of incorporation in DD/MM/YYYY format.Enter your surname first, then enter your middle name and first name.Enter the Captcha Code as shown on the screen.Click on submit.

You will Receive the Following Details:.

How can I know my PAN number without Acknowledgement number?

How can I check my PAN card status without an acknowledgement number?Select “PAN – New/Change Request” in the Application Type section.Select the Name section to check PAN card status without acknowledgement number.Enter your Last Name, First Name, Middle Name and Date of Birth.More items…•

Did know your pan?

Know your PAN number by Name and Date of BirthStep 2: Click on “Know Your PAN” under section “Quick Links” displayed on the left side of the screen.Step 3: After that enter all the details including name, date of birth and mobile number.Step 4: You will receive OTP on your registered mobile number linked with PAN.More items…

How can I know my PAN number through SMS?

The applicant can send an SMS to 3030 with a message containing the word PAN followed by a space and the 15-digit acknowledgement number provided at the time of submission of application i.e., PAN ACKNOWLEDGEMENT NUMBER (e.g., PAN 123456789012345 this is an illustrative acknowledgement number.

How can I download my PAN card without PAN no?

Ans. Yes, you can download e-PAN Card without Acknowledgement Number by entering your PAN Number, Aadhaar Number (only for Individuals) and other details like Date of Birth, GSTIN (optional) and you have applied for e-PAN for more than 30 days through NSDL e-Governance and/or e-filing portal of Income Tax Department.

How can I know my PAN number without PAN card?

Forgot your PAN? Here’s how you can find it onlineStep 1: Visit incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in/home.Step 2: Click on ‘Know Your PAN’Step 3: Fill in the details asked for and ‘Submit’Step 4: Enter the OTP sent on the mobile number.Step 5: Click on ‘Validate’. … Step 1: Log on to the website onlineservices.nsdl.com.Step 2: Now, select on services and select the PAN option.More items…•

How can I know my PAN number online?

Online P​AN VerificationStep-1. Logon to ‘e-Filing’ Portal www.incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in.Step-2. Click on ‘Verify Your PAN details’ hyperlink from the ‘Quick Links’ Section.Step-3. Enter the PAN, Full Name (As per PAN), Date of Birth and Choose the ‘Status’ as applicable.Step-4.

What is Pan card ID number?

In brief, PAN is a unique ten-digit identification number allotted to every person who has applied for it, and it was introduced to track financial transactions taxable in nature. PAN card serves as identity proof and also assists in monitoring tax evasion.

What if I forgot my PAN number?

If you want to know your Permanent Account Number (PAN) after the card is lost, the best thing to do is to: Visit www.incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in/home. Click on ‘Know Your PAN’ Fill in the details asked for.

How I know my PAN number?

Know your PAN number by Name and DOBStep 1: Visit the Income Tax Department’s e-filing home page. … Step 3: Now, enter your PAN, full name, date of birth.Step 6: Click on “Submit” option.Step 7: You will be redirected to a new page, and it will show “ Your PAN is Active and the details are matching with PAN Database”

What does 10 digit PAN number mean?

permanent account numberYour permanent account number (PAN) is a 10-digit alphanumeric number, which is used as your identity proof. It is used mainly for tax related purposes. … For instance, the beginning of your PAN could be BEP or APZ; the selection is random. Fourth character: The fourth character of your PAN always represents your status.

Is Tan and Pan same?

​​​P​AN stands for Permanent Account Number and TAN stands for Tax Deduction Account Number. TAN is to be obtained by the person responsible to deduct tax, i.e., the deductor. … PAN cannot be used for TAN, hence, the deductor has to obtain TAN, even if he holds PAN.