Quick Answer: Can I Transfer Money Without IFSC Code?

Is IFSC code required for money transfer?

When making a bank transfer, it is necessary to identify the bank and the branch where the beneficiary account is held and the IFSC Code is designed to do just that.

That is why the IFSC is mandatory for various bank transfers such as NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer) and RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement)..

What happens if wrong IFSC code?

“If the incorrect IFSC code refers to a wrong branch of the same bank, then the fund transfer could still be possible. … Remember, all banks may not match the beneficiary name before making the fund transfer, so if the account number matches, the transaction will go through.

What is IFSC code in ATM card?

IFSC is an acronym for Indian Financial System Code. IFSC code is a unique eleven-digit number which is a combination of alphabets and numerals. It is used to transfer funds online for NEFT, IMPS and RTGS transactions. Usually, this code can be found on the chequebook provided by the bank.

How do I find my bank branch code?

How to Find the Branch Number of a BankLook on your checks for the bank in question. The branch number is usually found in the upper right-hand corner, though this option is not available at all banks.You can usually find your bank’s branch number on its website under frequently asked questions (FAQs).Call your bank’s customer service department.

What does IFSC code meaning?

Indian Financial System CodeIndian Financial System Code (or more commonly known as IFSC code) is an 11-digit alpha-numeric code used to uniquely identify bank branches within the National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) network by central bank.

How do I send money using Google IFSC code?

Bank Account and IFSC code….Send money to someone anywhere in IndiaOpen Google Pay .From the bottom of the screen, tap “New Payment”Search for the person or contact you want to send money.Once you select the person or contact are provided, in next screen, enter the amount. … Tap Pay.More items…

Why do we need IFSC code?

IFSC helps in carrying out fund transfer transactions electronically by sending or routing messages to the specific branches of any particular bank. Along with that, IFSC is used by fund transferring systems to acknowledge both the branches involved in a transfer process.

Can anyone withdraw money with account number and IFSC code?

No body can get withdraw money from your account if they just know your Bank account number. Even popular shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and Ebay asks for Bank account number and IFSC code for refunding money to your bank account in case when return the product you ordered.

How can I send money using IFSC code?

Methods of Online Fund Transfer Using the IFSC Code -NEFT – To send money through NEFT, the sender has to provide the recipient name, IFSC code of the beneficiary bank branch, account type, and account number. … RTGS – It is generally used for high-value transactions and the money is transferred instantaneously.More items…

Can two bank branch have same IFSC code?

Every bank branch will have a unique code and no two branches (even of the same bank) will ever be the same. In an IFSC code, the first 4 digits of the IFSC represent the bank and last 6 characters represent the branch. The 5th character is zero.

How can I know my bank branch IFSC code?

It is an 11 digit alphanumeric code where the first 4 characters of IFSC code represent the name of the bank, the fifth character is 0, and the last 6 numbers define the branch code of the bank You can find the IFSC Code on the cheque and passbook provided by the bank or else you can search for IFSC Code at the …

Which one is Cheque number?

The six-digit number written at the bottom left-hand corner of the cheque is the cheque number. The MICR code is the Magnetic Link Character Recognition Code. The 9 digit of the MICR code indicates the bank and branch from which the cheque is issued to the account holder.