Quick Answer: Can I Pass CA Final In 2 Months?

How can I get CA final rank in 2 months?

The three times revision is must to clear CA Exams and to get a good rank in CA final.

You have to prepare your time-table in such a manner which give you a time to revise your course at least 3 times.

Separate 2 months only for revision where your first revision will take around one month..

Which country is best for CA job?

Top 10 places in the world for accounting and finance careersGermany. … New Zealand. … Brazil. … Hong Kong. … Dubai. … South Africa. … Switzerland. … Israel. The adoption of open markets and regulatory practices have rewarded Israel with becoming one of the most economically advanced countries in the Middle East region.More items…

Can I pass CA final without coaching?

Of course you can! CA is a correspondence course, in which the Institute gives you all the sufficient study material and other resources required to understand all the subjects, practice and pass the exam.

Can I clear CA in first attempt?

To clear the CA exam in one attempt, candidates should have a positive attitude. They should be self-motivated to study all the time. To rank in the CA exam candidates should plan to study for at least 10 to 15 hours per day. Try to revise theory subjects on a daily basis, and prepare short notes for every topic.

How can I get CA final rank in 3 months?

How to Get a Rank in CA Final- The Perfect Study Plan#1 Keep the Excuses Aside. … #2 Don’t Skip the Institute’s Material – … #3 Studies with Office. … #4 Proper Planning. … #5 MTP and Past attempt Papers. … #6 No Substitute for Hard Work.

Is study material enough for CA final?

Yes, the study material issued by ICAI is more than enough for CA final exams. It’s just that you need to study the entire material and practice all the questions as many times as you can with that solve RTPs and mock test papers as all these will be sufficient for CA final exams.

Is 2 months enough for CA final?

Revision for CA Final must start 2 months (60 days) before the CA Final exam. Then you have 32 days (4 days * 8 subjects) for first revision and 16 days (2 days * 8 subjects) for the second one. With 12 days to go for the CA Final exam, you can start revising important topics and practice CA Final question papers.

How much time is required for CA final preparation?

6 month1. First thing first, you should have at least a period of 6 month to prepare. 2. During this long period, you are required to plan your studies in such a manner that you can complete one time revision of the all eight subjects.

Can CA Final be cleared in 4 months?

The more one sweats during the exam preparations, the more they relax while searching for the jobs. Though no one postpones their preparations for CA finals for the last four months, it is still possible to prepare effectively and clear the examination in this time duration with the help of hard work and determination.

Is CA really tough for an average student?

Yes, an average student can surely study CA, Not only an average a below average student can also pursue CA. Tough and easy are all mind games if you can control your mind then for you my friend nothing is tough in this whole world .

Who is the youngest chartered accountant in India?

Nishchal NarayanamThe Study Strategy of Nishchal Narayanam, The Youngest CA India. Nishchal Narayanam, is a famous name for whosoever altered the history of CA. He made a record of the youngest CA of the country at the age of 19.

How many hours study for IPCC?

two hours1. You should Study Daily. From the beginning, study at-least two hours daily, if you want success in IPCC exam and try to cover two subjects; first is theory & second is practical. To be successful, it is compulsory that you should study daily.

Is 3 months enough for CA final?

you can pass CA Final exam, if you have conceptual knowledge with effective preparation only. To get conceptual knowledge, you should follow proper study plan from 3 months. CA Final exams Nov 2019 are coming closer. So we have sufficient time for exam preparation.

Can a CA become CEO?

There is no such thing that only Chartered Accountant can be or A Chartered Accountant can’t be a CEO. For the position of CEO, most important thing is the manegerial skills, as the CEO has to manage the whole organisation, now to attain those manegerial skills people usually opt MBA.

How many hours a CA student should sleep?

7 hoursSleep for a minimum of 7 hours every night and eat healthy nutritious meals.

Is 5 Months enough for CA final?

Generally, I believe, 5-6 months time is sufficient for any average student as well to prepare for FINALS exams, without any previous coaching. … Now, many students also find it tedious job to study for 5-6 months at a stretch.

Can we do self study for CA final?

If you want to go for self-study for all the subjects in CA Final, then you must have atleast 2.5 years before the exam.

How do you get a rank in CA Inter?

If you want to achieve an impressive rank in CA IPCC Examination, you need to fulfill the following criteriaYou should have passed both groups (Group 1 and Group 2) in one go.You should have scored at least 55 percent marks.You should have scored in the Top 50 to attain a good rank.