Question: Which Fraction Has The Greatest Value?

What fraction of a day is 9 hours?


So, 9hours is 3/8 of 1 day…

What is 7 28 In the simplest form?

Reduce 7/28 to lowest terms The simplest form of 728 is 14.

Which number has the greatest value in the Thousand place?

Smallest number 2 5 6 9 To get the greatest number, the greatest digit 9 is placed at the highest valued place, i.e., thousands-place, next smaller digit 6 at hundreds-place, still smaller digit 5 at ten’s place and the smallest digit 2 at one’s or units place. Thus, the greatest number is 9652.

What does value mean?

Value has to do with how much something is worth, either in terms of cash or importance. As a verb, it means “holding something in high regard,” (like “I value our friendship”) but it can also mean “determine how much something is worth,” like a prize valued at $200.

What is bigger 5/16 or 3/8 or smaller?

For instance, 5/16 inches and 3/8 inches are two measurements on a ruler. In order to compare the two fractions, they must have a common denominator, 16. 3/8 is larger than 5/16.

Which is a bigger fraction?

To compare fractions with unlike denominators convert them to equivalent fractions with the same denominator. Compare fractions: If denominators are the same you can compare the numerators. The fraction with the bigger numerator is the larger fraction.

What fraction of a day is 8 hours?

1/3Hence 1/3 of a day is 8 hours.

Which has the greatest value?


What fraction is bigger 7/8 or 910?

The numerator of the first fraction 35 is less than the numerator of the second fraction 36 , which means that the first fraction 3540 is less than the second fraction 3640 and that 78 is less than 910 .

What do you value in life?

Here are some examples of core values from which you may wish to choose:Dependability.Reliability.Loyalty.Commitment.Open-mindedness.Consistency.Honesty.Efficiency.More items…

What is the smallest fraction?

1/6 has the largest denominator. This means 1/6 is the smallest fraction. 👍 1/4 has the second largest denominator. This means 1/4 is bigger than 1/6.

What is the least value?

Smallest. Example: The 1 cent has the least value of these coins.

What is maximum algebra?

Maximum, In mathematics, a point at which a function’s value is greatest. If the value is greater than or equal to all other function values, it is an absolute maximum. If it is merely greater than any nearby point, it is a relative, or local, maximum.

What fraction is 1 hour of a day?

Answer. Therefore Required no. is 1/24 .

Does range go from least to greatest?

As you recall from Algebra 1, the domain is the set of input values of a function or relation, and the range is the set of output values. … Remember, values in the domain and range set should be listed in order from least to greatest.

How do you know which fraction has the greatest value?

Step 1: Compare denominators. If they are different, rewrite one or both fractions with a common denominator. Step 2: Check the numerators. If the denominators are the same, then the fraction with the greater numerator is the greater fraction.

What does value mean in fractions?

Fractions represent values in between integers. The top number, or numerator shows the number of parts. The bottom number, or denominator, shows the number of parts in a whole. Search for math and science topics.