Question: What If YouTube Never Existed?

Who invented math?

Beginning in the 6th century BC with the Pythagoreans, the Ancient Greeks began a systematic study of mathematics as a subject in its own right with Greek mathematics.

Around 300 BC, Euclid introduced the axiomatic method still used in mathematics today, consisting of definition, axiom, theorem, and proof..

What would happen if the great lakes dried up?

Depends upon the situation. Partially would close off shipping without radically redone locks and dredging, including pumped up from lakes or extensive aqueducts. In short, there would be period of massive economic loss. The relatively young Great Lakes apparently have in the past, but only to a limited degree.

What if Russia never existed?

Without Russia, chances are half of Europe would still be Muslims, from Hungary eastwards. Russia filled the vast Siberian void and pushed the boundaries and influence of China to its current borders. Without Russia, China could be knocking on the doors of Europe. Russia was the perfect culture for Communism.

Who invented the Internet?

Robert E. KahnVint CerfInternet/Inventors

Who invented school?

Horace MannCredit for our modern version of the school system usually goes to Horace Mann. When he became Secretary of Education in Massachusetts in 1837, he set forth his vision for a system of professional teachers who would teach students an organized curriculum of basic content.

Do we really need technology in our lives?

Technology is inevitable in our everyday lives. This is because life without technology is pointless in today’s dynamic world. Technology, which brings together tools to promote development, use and information exchange, has as its main objective of making tasks easier and the solving of many problems of mankind.

What if Internet never existed?

If the Internet never existed, so many people would be unemployed and technology would be lagging way behind to suffice our needs. It’s like we humans have became Zombies, we crave entertainment, and the Internet, it provided us with that. And that’s not the Internet’s fault.

Why did the White Army lose?

The major reasons the whites lost the Russian civil war was because of Division, No Morale, Failure to find non Russian allies and Brutality and corruption. The Whites army was never a united force and instead had many leaders such as Yudenich, Kolchak, Deniken and Wrangel. All of these men wanted glory for themselves.

What would happen if Lenin lived?

If Lenin had stayed in power longer, the USSR would likely fund and encourage revolutions much more so than it did in our timeline, so a socialist revolution might have succeeded in Germany instead of a fascist one.

What if the Romanovs survived?

>> What if the Romanov Family had survived and managed to fled to the USA? Nothing. Some Romanovs indeed fled to Europe and USA and their children still living today.

Will the Great Lakes dry up?

The Great Lakes share a surprising connection with Wisconsin’s small lakes and aquifers — their water levels all rise and fall on a 13-year cycle, according to a new study. But that cycle is now mysteriously out of whack, researchers have found.

Can you live without technology?

Yes, for most people, tech is not something we give a second thought to, but some people literally can’t live without technology – and we aren’t being dramatic. For some people, the existence of technology is the difference between silence and laughter, loneliness and interaction, and even life and death.

What if computers were never invented?

Without them we would be less developed ; poorer, with worse living conditions and less knowledgable about the world. Maybe we would be more social, more community-driven like people were in the past. But they were because life was so much harsher.

What if the Great Lakes never existed?

Without Lake Superior, areas near the lake would see far less snow each winter, and the distribution of snow in the central and eastern regions around the lake would be far different. The effects would not be limited to snow.

What would happen if technology never existed?

Technology has had an enormous impact on everyday life over the last century. If technology didn’t exist, who knows where we may be? Life would be simpler; there would be no YouTube, no google, not even TV. No nuclear weapons, no hackers, there might not even be airplanes!

Who invented homework?

Roberto NevelisRoberto Nevelis of Venice, Italy, is often credited with having invented homework in 1095—or 1905, depending on your sources.

What if there was no Google?

And without Google, we might be using an equally common (and much less interesting) phrase, like “search it up,” when goading our friends to find Web-based answers on their own. Beyond the name, Google has also affected online and business culture, stressing simplicity and fun. For instance, you’ve likely seen Doodles.

What happened to the Great Lakes?

During the last ice age, the mile-thick Laurentide ice sheet covered most of Canada and the northern contiguous United States. The massive weight and movement of this glacier gouged out the earth to form the lake basins. About 20,000 years ago, the climate warmed and the ice sheet retreated.