Question: Is Saying GG Toxic?

Is GG EZ toxic?

“GG” is fine by itself.

Its the “EZ” part that is toxic.

Most of the time I find that people who do it generally had the least contribution for the winning team..

What do you say when someone says GG?

If you must say something, “gg” back is best. Remember the Learned Ones, who told us “Nothing is often a wise thing to do, and always a wise thing to say.” I sometimes say “great game” in a vain hope that they appreciate they’re not talking to a teenager, but an adult. My response to “gg” is normally a “same to you”.

Can you report someone saying GG EZ?

We rely on data like Reports, Honors, social media, the Instant Feedback System and Tribunal to help determine the standards of what the community believes is OK or not OK. … In saying this, looking at the data, “GGEZ” is considered a negative term, and is reportable.

What does EZ mean in games?

EasyEZ means “Easy”. The abbreviation EZ is widely used with the meaning “Easy”. It is particularly popular in online gaming, where it is often used derogatorily, indicating that a player felt that the opposition isn’t or wasn’t any competition.

Does GG mean gotta go?

acronym for “got to go”. Used in text-based communication. Sorry, gg.

What does .GG stand for?

good gameGG means “good game.” In multiplayer competitive games, GG is used as a mark of sportsmanship and an acknowledgment that you had fun while battling against your opponents. For many players, it’s standard practice to type GG into the chat at the end of every match.

What is a GG girl?

Noun. GG (plural GGs) (politics, informal) Governor general or governor-general. (LGBT slang) Initialism of genetic girl. (LGBT slang) Initialism of genuine girl.

Can you get banned for saying GG EZ?

basic machine learning sez that if enough reports with a text string of “gg ez” end with a ban, it will in itself eventually become bannable.

What is easy clap?

Easy, Clap. It’s a way of showing that something was easy with a twitch emote added on the end.

Is GG an insult?

Compliment but some mean it sarcastically as an insult. Both, some say it as an insult, if you have a troller or someone bad, you can say GG early indicating that the game is already over. Usually it is a compliment. … It literally means good game, it’s good sportsmanship..

What does GG EZ mean?

Good game easyGG EZ stands for ‘Good game easy’. It’s something you type with a nonchalant smirk after crushing your opponent at a game of DOTA (Defense Of The Ancients), LoL (League Of Legends), or SC (Starcraft).