Question: How Do I Use Digital Seva?

How do I log into my digital Seva CSC?

The following steps have to be followed to check the status of the Digital Seva/ CSC Portal Registration.Step 1: Login to the Page.

The user has to login to the application status check page.Step 2: Enter the Application Number.

Step 3: Enter the Captcha Code.

Step 4: Click Submit..

What is CSC wallet?

internet enabled ICT centres named as Common Services Centers (CSC) in the Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode in rural areas. • Each CSC is run by a Village Level Entrepreneur (VLEs) selected who is selected by the Service Centre Agencies (SCAs), the private sector partners under the CSC Scheme.

What is Aadhaar PAC?

In case your mobile number is not registered with your Aadhaar card, visit the nearest Permanent Aadhaar Centre(PAC). With registered mobile number, a citizen will be able to update their Aadhaar card seamlessly and hassle free.

What is the function of CSC?

A civil service commission is a government agency that is constituted by legislature to regulate the employment and working conditions of civil servants, oversee hiring and promotions, and promote the values of the public service. Its role is roughly analogous to that of the human resources department in corporations.

How do I reset my digital Seva password?

How Do Reset Digimail Password?Enter Your CSC ID Here and Fill Captcha then Click on Submit Button.यहां पर आपको अपना CSC ID दर्ज करना है और कैपचा फिल करके सबमिट कर देना है!You will Get OTP on Your Registered Email ID, Enter Email OTP and SUBMIT.आपको CSC मे पंजीकृत ईमेल पर एक OTP प्राप्त होगा उसको दर्ज करे , सबमिट करे!More items…

How do I get my digital Seva ID and password?

Visit on “View Credentials” tab.Enter 12 digit CSC ID, captcha code, check consent and proceed by clicking on “Submit” button.Finally, CSC credentials will open.

What is the use of digital Seva?

DIGITAL SEWA(COMMON SERVICES CENTRES) – BRIDGING DIGITAL DIVIDE. Common Services Centres (CSC) are ICT enabled access points for delivery of various Government & business services to citizens. CSC will provide skill development, digital literacy, health and financial services to rural India.

What is CSC in PM Kisan?

Common Services Centre (CSC SPV) has written to the Ministry of Agriculture offering its services towards implementation of the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi (PM-Kisan) scheme.

What is the income of CSC?

The amount of revenue support is proposed to be 33.33% of the normative value which works out to Rs. 3304/- per CSC per month.

Can digital Seva?

Common Services Centers (CSC) are one of the crucial enablers of the Digital India Programme. They are the access points for delivery of various e-governance and business services to citizens in rural and remote areas of the country.

How can I activate my CSC ID?

VLE Registration on CSC Portal – OnlineLog on to the official Portal i.e. on “Login Tab” from the top of page.Click on “CSC Connect”A new page will be open, where VLE need to enter the CSC ID and Password.After Authentication, A registration page will be open where required data like Name, Address, CSC Location etc.More items…

How can I check my CSC ID status?

CSC Application Status 2020: Check OnlineThe applicant has to copy the CSC ID and Click on the Home Page.To activate the account, Click on MY Account.Enter the CSC ID and Captcha as shown below and click Submit.The applicant now gets redirects to below web page for the final authentication through BioMetric.

How can I get SHG code?

You will reach self help group website where you have to click and select your state, select your district and select your village and get your SHG code.

How do I download my CSC ID card?

Visit on my Account.Enter Your CSC ID.Complete Finger Print Verification Using Aadhaar Number.Login to Your CSC Profile.Click On ID Card to Download CSC VLE Official Id Card.

How do I add money to my CSC wallet?

Recharge CSC Wallet / How Add Money in CSC Digital Seva Wallet ?Go to CSC Digital Seva Login.Click on Dashboard.Click on Wallet and then Click on Add Money.Enter Amount and click on Submit.You will see here three payment Gateway.

How do I apply for CSC 2020?

InstructionSelect the application type for enrollment from the drop down menu.Enter valid TEC certificate number which will be provided post TEC completion.Enter valid RDD code.Enter valid DOP code.Enter your active mobile number.Enter the captcha as displayed on the screen.Click on submit to proceed.