Question: How Can I Recover My Pran Number?

How do I log into my NPS account?

To login to NSDL Portal, you will need to generate your IPIN using PRAN (Permanent Retirement Account Number).

Step 1: Log-in to the NSDL eNPS home page and click on the “Login with PRAN/IPIN”.

Step 2: Now, you will get redirected to the NPS login page where you can use PRAN and IPIN to sign into your NPS account..

Can we have two Pran numbers?

Do note you can’t have two NPS Tier-I accounts (or 2 PRANs). PRAN stands for Permanent Retirement Account Number. … Therefore, it is perfectly fine if you have a NPS Tier-I and a NPS Tier-II account.

How can I activate my Pran number online?

Online (through eNPS): The applicant needs to visit eNPS website of NSDL-CRA ( and register himself/herself through Aadhaar or PAN Card details. After filling up other necessary details and payment of initial contribution, PRAN will be generated online.

How can I check my Pran details?

NPS provides both online and app facilities for checking account balance and transaction statement: Log in to your NPS account through the CRA website ( Submit your USER-ID and password. Click on transaction statement, to see details of your transactions including contributions.

How can I activate my Pran account?

All you need to do is go online to the eNPS (National Pension System Trust) portal and make your mandatory contribution of Rs. 500 by clicking on the “Contribution” button on the website. Once your fill in your details like your PRAN and date of birth, you will be taken to the next page to make a contribution.

How do I activate my frozen Pran account?

The NPS account can be unfrozen when a minimum contribution of Rs 500 is made during a fiscal year. To make a contribution to unfreeze the account, you can either do it through any POP-SP (point of purchase service provider) or online through eNPS. To unfreeze offline you need to visit the office of a POP.

Can I have APY and NPS both?

Yes, an individual can invest in both Atal Pension Yojana and National Pension Scheme at the same time. Can I open APY account without having a savings bank account? All the contributions to be paid towards Atal Pension Yojana are routed through the savings bank account via auto-debit facility.

What is meant by Pran number?

Permanent Retirement Account Number (PRAN) is an exclusive 12-digit numerical code allotted to every person who has subscribed to the National Pension Scheme (NPS). The National Pension Scheme (NPS) is a government-sponsored savings vehicle which provides social-security benefit in the form of pension.

How can I get Pran number from mobile number?

Log in to the official website of NSDL on this link: Select the option ‘new registered PRAN’. Now provide the PRAN number allotted as during the application process. Enter the captcha code and click, ‘submit’.

Why my Pran is frozen?

An NPS account becomes inactive (i.e., frozen)if the subscriber does not invest a minimum of Rs 1,000 during a financial year. You will intimated via email about your NPS account being frozen for not maintaining the minimum required balance in the financial year.

Why is Pran frozen?

The Permanent Retirement Account Number (PRAN) allotted to an individual under the National Pension System (NPS) is frozen if he fails to fulfil the minimum contribution criterion specified by PFRDA for Tier I and Tier II accounts. For Tier I accounts, this is Rs 500 per contribution and Rs 6,000 annually.

Where can I find my APY Pran number?

On the websiteVisit on APY e-PRAN/Transaction Statement View. … Choose ‘With PRAN’ or ‘Without PRAN’.If you have chosen the ‘With PRAN’ option, you will be required to enter your PRAN and bank account number. … Choose: APY e-PRAN View or Statement of Transaction View.More items…•