Question: How Can I Get Idea Emergency Data?

How can I get call loan in Jio?

For Talk time Loan of Rs 5 dial *141*5#.

For Rs 10 Talk time loan dial *141*10#.

If you are using networks such as BSNL, Telenor or Jio then it is sad to say that these service providers did not provide the facility of Loan yet..

How can I transfer data in idea?

Step 1) Dial *121*121# for sharing Data/SMS/Minutes or visit Idea Easyshare Page. Select your preference and proceed to next. Step 2) Now select the data plan that you want to share with friends and family members.

How can I get internet loan?

How to take internet loan in Idea?Dial *150*06# (It will give 25MB 2G internet loan in Idea and Rs 6 rupees will be charged.)Dial *150*333# (It will give 35MB 3G data loan in Idea mobile and 11 rupees will be deduct from your main balance when you recharge.)Follow instructions and reply with your appropriate choice.

How can I get free data on my Jio 2020?

Jio 10GB Free Internet TrickInstall the JioTv app on your smartphone.If you already installed try clear data and cache for the JioTv app.Open the app.Log in by skip login.Tap on any channel and watch for a few seconds.Close the app.Data will be credited on your account shortly.

How do I get free data on my Jio?

Get 1 GB Free 4G Data From My Jio App :First of All Download or Update My Jio App From Play Store. : … Now Open app and Login Using your Jio Mobile Number.On Dashboard, Click “More” option from Top Right > click on JIO Engage.Open Jio Engage & You Will See “Jio Cadbury Free 1GB Banner“.More items…

How do you transfer data to someone?

DATA TRANSFERS: HOW TO TRANSFER DATA TO ANY NETWORKTo transfer 10MB, dial *141*712*11#For 25MB, dial *141*712*9#And for 60MB, dial *141*712*4#Log in to Buy Internet Data, enter the network and phone number you want it transferred to.

How do I get Jio data in advance?

Open your MyJio app>Tap on the hamburger many in the top left corner>Select the My Plans options. This way you can if your plan has received the Jio Data Pack with free data included. The Jio Data Pack offer will be marked as an added-on offering.

How can I get idea data from main balance?

For the inquiry of Idea number internet data balance, you can dial *125# USSD code. Also, Idea offer SMS service to the inquiry of Idea 3G/4G Data balance through SMS, type DATA BAL in the message and send it to 121. Smartphone users can Download My Idea App to access all your Idea account details.

Can I get data Loan in Jio?

Jio Data Loan USSD Code Number Reliance Jio does not provide any type of data loan service to its users. However, if your data limit gets exhausted then you can buy a data booster pack starting from Rs 11 which gives 400 MB.

How do I get extra data on my Jio?

HOW TO REDEEM ADDITIONAL DATA VOUCHERLogin to MyJio app and scroll down to My Voucher section.Tap on ‘Redeem’ icon in My Voucher section.Tap on ‘Redeem’ at the bottom to complete the process.Confirm redemption of the voucher.Congratulations! Your voucher has been successfully redeemed.

How can I get idea 1gb loan?

For Idea data loan service, customers can Dial *150*333# code.

How can I get free data in idea?

Avail Idea Free Internet tricks to get up to 30GB data for free. Check all tricks and tips to get free data for Idea users….Free internet tricks on Idea.Idea Free Internet offerDataValidityDial 12136510GB free data10 DaysDial *800*888#10 GB Data1 Day2 more rows•Nov 2, 2020

How can I use unused data in idea?

In order to avail the data rollover on your Vi prepaid connections, you will need to make a recharge of at least Rs 249. The base Rs 249 plan comes with 1.5GB data per day and with unused daily data, it will add over to the additional 1.5GB data daily over the week.

How can I get 1gb data Loan in Jio?

Dial *141*5# | Dial *141*10# Reliance users can dial the above ussd code to take the loan.

Is Jio free from 2am to 5am?

2) Reliance Officially announced Jio”Unlimited at Night” pertains to 4G data used between 2Am–5Am absolutely free. 3) Jio Unlimited Internet At Night– no charge towards the data used between 2Am-5Am its absolutely free.