Is Client Number The Same As Account Number?

How do I find my client number?

CommBank appLog on to the CommBank app.Tap menu in the top left hand corner > then My details.Tap NetBank client number.Enter your CommBank app PIN..

Where can I find my account number Commonwealth Bank?

You can find your BSB and account number on your bank statements, and within View accounts in NetBank and the CommBank app.

What is client ID in visa application?

Client ID. The Client ID is an 11 digit number located near the top of the visa grant notice.

How do I find my SRN number?

Your SRN can be found on the top right of the document and is a 10 digit number starting with an ‘I’ or ‘C’. If you have shares in more than one company you will have more than one SRN, as each is unique to both you and individual companies.

How do I transfer money to my CommSec account?

To transfer funds to your CDIA:Login to NetBank. … Go to the Transfers tab then select Transfer money.In the From account drop-down menu, select the account with the funds you wish to transfer.In the To account drop-down menu, select your CDIA.More items…

What is client number?

A client number is the number, under which there are one or more SIM cards/lines activated, for which a single invoice is issued. The client number is unique for every subscriber and may be used for payment of due in amounts.

What is a person identification number?

A personal identification number (PIN) is a numerical code used in many electronic financial transactions. Personal identification numbers are usually issued in association with payment cards and may be required to complete a transaction.

Is CommSec ID same as NetBank?

You can access CommSec from NetBank if you’re a CommBank customer. When you’re logged into NetBank, select CommSec at the top left corner of the page. Your CommSec Client ID is different to your NetBank Client ID.

How do I create a personal ID?

How to make an ID cardPick a size and shape. From Spark Post’s editor, select a size that fits your needs or choose “Start from scratch” to set up a custom size for your card. … Choose a theme. … Personalize with images. … Describe with engaging text. … Download, share, or print.

What are three personal identification examples?

Personal identification numbers: social security number (SSN), passport number, driver’s license number, taxpayer identification number, patient identification number, financial account number, or credit card number. Personal address information: street address, or email address. Personal telephone numbers.

What is my CommSec trading account number?

A CommSec Client ID is an 8-digit number that begins with a ‘5’ which allows you to access all of your CommSec accounts with a single login. If you don’t remember your Client ID, you can retrieve it online. Please note: For security reasons, you’re unable to view your Client ID once you have logged into your account.