How Do You Create A Custom Field In SuccessFactors?

What is generic object in SuccessFactors?

Purpose of the Generic Object.

Changes to standard fields, such as data type or source of valid values (e.g., a Picklist or Foundation Object) Custom fields added, along with details of the new field (e.g., data type, valid values source, rules, etc.).

What is SAP MDF?

The Metadata Framework (which we also refer to as MDF) is SAP SuccessFactors robust extensibility framework that enables customers to extend HR cloud functionality to create company-specific objects that support their unique business processes, without the need to code. …

What is Event reason in SuccessFactors?

Event reason is an activity derived from events that drives changes in employee data. These events are predefined for all instances and cannot be added (as of 1508). Of course, you can deactivate part of them or rename the current events if needed.

What is SuccessFactors classification?

Jobs. A Job Classification object (also a Foundation Object) contains details of an employee’s job role. Like in SAP, many employees can be assigned the same Job Classification (although in SAP this is through the Position object).

Which foundation objects are configured in the corporate data model?

What does the Corporate Data Model define? Foundation Objects and their relationships are defined in the corporate data Model. Foundation Objects are also called Foundation Tables. They include Organization, Job and Pay.

What is succession data model in SuccessFactors?

Succession Data Model This model is the basis for SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central and is the basis of holding employee data. The elements defined here are used or referenced in the following elements: Employee Profile. Matrix Grid Reports. Succession Organisation Chart.

What is HRIS sync?

HRIS Sync is a background Scheduled Job that periodically looks for data that has been changed in EC and updates the legacy user tables with data from EC. The job itself is typically configured to run on a schedule. … Data is synchronized from the current Employee Central data records to Employee Profile.

What is SuccessFactors Employee Central?

SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central is the heart of your HR system and the basis for all HR processes in your company. SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central scores with fully integrated employee and manager self services, simple approval processes and cool mobile applications.

How do I create a custom portlet in SuccessFactors?

How to Customize a Portlet in SuccessFactors?Step 1 − Go to SuccessFactors environment → Login and you can come to Welcome screen.Step 2 − Click Toggle on the upper right hand side of the Welcome tile as shown below −Step 3 − Under Tile Setting, enter the tile name. … Step 4 − Under configure contents −More items…

How do you create a custom object in SuccessFactors?

SAP SuccessFactors: Adding Custom UI ScreenStep 1: Go to “Configure object definition” and create a new object using “Create new” Object Definition.Step 2: Input values for Code, Effective Dating, API Visibility, Label, Description as required.Step 3: As we are going to track transport details, Iam going to add three fields in the fields section such as 1. “More items…•

How do you create a picklist in SuccessFactors?

Creating PicklistsAdmin Tools > Picklist Management > Picklists.Select “Export all picklist(s)”.Click Submit. Save and open the CSV file. … Create the CSV Import file with all new picklists.Select “Import Picklist”. … Select “Yes” to indicate all these picklists are new.Click Submit to upload the new picklists.

How do you create MDF in SuccessFactors?

To create data for the MDF Object:On the Admin Tools page, navigate to Metadata Framework → Manage Data.From the Create New dropdown, select the object definition whose instance you want to create. This opens a form in which you can enter data for that instance.

What is MDF objects in SuccessFactors?

The MDF is a UI-based configuration and extension framework that provides creation, modification, maintenance, and deletion of custom objects (called Metadata Objects) within the SuccessFactors HCM suite. It replaces XML-based configuration and the need to import Master Data via CSV/Excel files.