How Do I Recover My PSC Username And Password?

How do I find my PSC username and password?

Steps to Recover Kerala PSC User Id/ PasswordSend SMS to 51969 / 9223166166 / 166.To know User ID: SMS – KL USR.To reset your password SMS: KL USR RST USERID DATE_OF_BIRTH From your registered mobile-only..

How can I get Kpsc password?

How to Reset the Onetime Registration Password:Use your registered mobile number. (That is it should be same number that you entered while onetime registration procedure.)SMS ‘KPSCRSTD. User IDDate of Birth to 537252.You can get your new password through the mobile phone SMS.

How can I apply for PSC thulasi?

The steps to apply online( for Kerala PSC Thulasi mainly includes the following:Visit Kerala PSC home page at Kerala psc gov in.Candidates need to create Kerala psc one time registration profile login.Do one-time registration to get login id and password.Login to the portal.Fill the personal and communication details.More items…•

What is PSC exam for?

PSC 2020 – State Public Service Commission (PSC) Exams In IndiaPublic Service Commission (PSC)PSCPSC ExamPSC SyllabusUttar Pradesh Public Service Commission (UPPSC)PCS ExamPCS SyllabusRajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC)RAS ExamRAS SyllabusMaharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC)MPSC ExamMPSC Syllabus9 more rows

How do I find my user ID?

Using the id command you can get the real and effective user and group IDs. If no username is supplied to id , it will default to the current user. Using the enviroment variable.

How can I apply for Kpsc exam 2020?

How To Apply For KPSC KAS 2020?Visit the KPSC official website – on the “Apply Online – Admission Ticket Download” button. … Click on “Gazetted Probationers Exam”. … Click on the “Apply Online” button and read the detailed instructions carefully for filling the KAS exam application.More items…•

How can I create my Kpsc profile?

Click on Profile Creation button as highlighted below to fill candidate’s information. Profile is divided in 7 Steps as highlighted below. Fill data and click on SAVE button to save filled data and to go to Next Profile Step.

How do I recover my user ID and password?

To request a forgotten user IDFrom the web client or FDA login screen, click the I forgot my user ID link.Enter your email address and click Recover.The message “If the address matches a local account in the system you will be sent an email with your user id” displays.More items…

How do I log into my PSC profile?

Steps: Login to PSC Thulasi Website Profile – Kerala PSC Login LogoutStep 1: Open the Kerala PSC Thulasi website in your web browser.Step 2: Enter your User ID, Password, and Access code given in the login form.Step 3: After entering your login details, now click on the Login button.

How can I edit my profile in PSC one time registration?

If your applications are not under process then you can edit your PSC Profile by login to your “Thulasi” account. You can find the “My Profile” tab on your Home Page. Click on that tab and on the landing page you can edit your profile.

How can I change my phone number in PSC?

How to Change Your Registered Mobile Number On Kerala PSC PortalLogin to your profile using the user ID and Password you have created at the time of one-time registration.Click on Profile Home.To Change the Registered Mobile number, click on Mobile Phone Number.To change the mobile number, click on the edit button.More items…

How can I change my permanent address in PSC?

Permanent Address cannot be changed. ID Proof: You can check here which ID Proof added in your profile. This cannot be edited. Communication: In my profile option included the communication details such as Landline number, Mobile Number, and Email Id.

Can we use calculator in PSC exam?

1 Candidates shall occupy the seats allotted to them in the Examination Hall before the time specified on the Admission Ticket. LATE COMERS WILL NOT BE ADMITTED TO THE EXAMINATION. not bring with them any electronic/communication device such as Calculator, Mobile Phone, Digital Diary etc. in the Examination Hall.

What are the documents need for PSC registration?

Documents Required for RegistrationA recent scanned passport size photograph.Scanned image of your signature.ID Proof- Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Driving Licence, etc.Mobile Number and Email ID to be kept handy. As all the Notifications are received on the Mobile Number.

What is user ID and password?

User ID vs Username Another website may label the two fields as User ID and Password, which refer to the same thing. Technically, however, usernames are a subset of user IDs, since a user ID may be an email address, number, or other unique identifier that is not necessarily a name.

How can I register for PSC?

Candidates must register as per “ ONE TIME REGISTRATION” with the Official Website of Kerala Public Service Commission ‘’ before applying for the post. Candidates who have registered shall apply by logging in to their profile using their user ID and password.

How can I add educational qualification in PSC?

Click on My profile tap in home page and enter all details. Click link No. 1 in red colour on the home screen to add the qualifications. Clicking Add button to add the educational qualification one by one, starting from 10th standard.

How do I find my login ID?

How to create Login ID. To create new Login ID, click on “Click here to request for a Login ID”. System will then proceed to the next screen as below. Then key in the valid Security code to create user ID.