How Do I Get A Refund From AT&T?

How can I get my money back from AT&T?

Here’s how you can get a refund:Go directly to the “Apply for a Refund” tab.Enter requested information online (name, address, phone numbers on account, account number, etc)Print out confirmation page for records.More items…•.

How much credit will I get from AT&T settlement?

The commission said: The $60 million paid by AT&T as part of the settlement will be deposited into a fund that the company will use to provide partial refunds to both current and former customers who had originally signed up for unlimited plans prior to 2011 but were throttled by AT&T.

Can I sue AT&T for overcharging me?

You can sue AT&T for overcharging you. If you’re paying more than agreed for an AT&T service, you may be able to file a claim in small claims court. You can sue AT&T for unreliable service in small claims court.

How long do I have to cancel AT&T contract?

14 daysConsumers/Individual Responsibility Users If you have signed an Agreement with a one-year or two-year service commitment, you have 14 days after purchase (or shipping date, if equipment is shipped) to cancel your service without incurring an Early Termination Fee (ETF).

What is AT&T return policy on a cell phone?

AT&T Returns If the phone or device you purchased does not meet your expectations, return it by mail within 14 days from the date the equipment was shipped. Refunds are applied using the original payment method. Any rebate associated with returned equipment is voided.

How much is the refund from AT&T?

The $60 million paid by AT&T will be used to provide partial refunds to current and former customers who signed up for unlimited plans, but were throttled by AT&T. The refund process will be automatic and no applications will be accepted.

How can I avoid AT&T restocking fee?

For orders placed online, there will be no restocking fee for returns made within the 14-day return policy. If you placed your order online and picked up in store, you must return to a company-owned retail store in order to have the restocking fee waived.

Does AT&T owe me a refund?

The policy has affected 3.5 million consumers as of October 2014, the FTC said. Customers won’t be required to file for a claim. Current AT&T customers will automatically receive a credit to their bills; former customers will receive refund checks.

How long is ATT return policy?

You can return or exchange a device during the 14-day return period if you bought it at an AT&T store, over the phone from AT&T, or online from Be sure to include all the original packaging and components like chargers and manuals.