How Do I Activate My Jio Top Up?

How do I activate my Jio top up plan?

Jio users will find this option under ‘My Plans’ section in the MyJio app.

Here, users will see the queue plan option displayed under their active recharge plan.

Interested users can tap on the ‘activate’ button to queue up their next recharge plan..

Can I activate 2 plans in Jio?

Yes you can absolutely use 2 or more plans simultaneously with Jio, after recharge, all you need to do is to activate both plans at the same time in MyJio app.

How do I top up my Jio?

the user needs to enter the phone number, choose between prepaid and postpaid, select ‘Jio operator’ and the circle. One has to either opt for a specific Topup plan or fill in their recharge amount requirement. Choose to pay either using the MobiKwik wallet or using debit/credit card.

Can I recharge only 10 Rs in Jio?

You will have the option to select a suitable IUC TOP-UP voucher starting at Rs 10, that can be used to make such non-Jio calls. … You also have the option to recharge with earlier packs for next 30 days by visiting All Jio to Jio calls continue to be FREE.

Can I recharge Jio for 1 day?

If you are on a Daily 4G FUP plan, the daily data quota is renewed at midnight (between 00:00 hrs and 02:00 hrs). In case your daily high speed data limit is exhausted and you want to continue using internet at 4G speeds, you can recharge with the following 4G Data Voucher.

Is Jio free from 2am to 5am?

Terms and conditions for Jio prepaid and postpaid plans Here, the voice is completely free. In other words, you will not be charged anything towards the voice usage or the data put to use for making 4G voice calls. All “Unlimited at Night” offers pertain to 4G data that is used between 2am – 5am.

What happens if Jio is recharged twice?

If you have accidentally recharge your jio number twice then the second recharge plan will go in queue and activate automatically once you previous recharge plan’s validity is over.

What happens if I recharge Jio twice?

U wil get 3 months for first recharge and 1 month for second. Or the second recharge may get cancelled and u get refund. Check jio statement….