Does StockX Have Customer Service?

Can you call StockX?

You can connect with us on our contact us page.

Customer Service Hours of Operation are 4 am – 9 pm EST, 7 days a week.

Response times may vary, however, our goal is to assist you within 24 hours.

We do our best to answer responses in the order that they are received..

Why does StockX take so long to ship?

They often take approximately six to ten business days. However, most of the StockX orders are completed on time. Shipping times usually vary, these are because it depends on how fast the seller sends the item. Before shipping, the item has to be authenticated by the company.

Do StockX sell fake shoes?

StockX only sells authentic sneakers that are unworn and in their original box. The company says it overtook eBay last year for sneaker resales. Its competitors also include online sellers and platforms such as GOAT, Grailed, Flight Club and Stadium Goods. There is significant money in reselling sneakers.

How long does it take for StockX to verify?

Hey Kayla, typically, StockX verification takes 1 business day. However, this time can vary based on how many packages come in for verification. If you have any additional questions, please email

Can you trust StockX?

StockX is a 100% legitimate company.

How long does StockX take to deliver?

StockX strives to complete all orders within 9-12 business days, (that doesn’t include weekends or holidays), however, most orders are completed sooner. Shipping times vary depending on how quickly the seller sends the item to us to be authenticated.

How long does seller take to ship StockX?

New release sneakers and streetwear are given 3 business days. Supreme releases are given 5 business days to ship due to the nature of Supreme’s shipping turnaround after a drop. All other items, including sneakers sold after the day or weekend of their original release, will have 2 business days to ship.

How do I talk to someone at StockX?

You can start a live chat with customer support at StockX Support page by clicking “Let’s Chat” green button. Live chat is available 24 hours a day seven days a week.

How do I send an email to StockX?

StockX on Twitter: “Please email for assistance with your account”

Does StockX refund?

StockX, as the company explains, operates on a live market and, due to its anonymous nature, they can’t offer exchanges, refunds, or swaps. … However, there is a way you can ‘return’ a pair of shoes or any other item bought over StockX and get your money back – by reselling the item on StockX itself.

Can you get scammed on StockX?

StockX is a sneaker resale startup that makes sure you don’t get scammed when buying collectible shoes online — here’s how it works. … StockX authenticates all products before they’re sent to you, so you never have to worry about scammers and fake items.

Can I cancel a purchase on StockX?

Can I cancel it? Once a sale has occurred, your Ask or Bid cannot be cancelled. … Remember, there is a buyer or seller on the other side of the transaction that is expecting it to be fulfilled. When you place a Bid or Ask for an item on StockX, you are committing to the transaction should a match occur.

What happens if you dont ship StockX?

There is a 15 % penalty if you do not send the goods within 2 days, if they are not original, or if they are not used. As soon as a bid and an ask price (i.e., a supply and a demand match), the trade is confirmed and can no longer be cancelled.

What happens if you sell fakes on StockX?

If the shoes are not authentic, or they are not in deadstock condition with the original box, you will be charged 15% of the sales price or $13.95 for shipping them back to you, whichever is more. No arrests, no accusations. If you keep sending them fakes they will suspend your account.