It is our firm belief that any organization with no proper policy documents to guide all aspects of its operations cannot be regarded as serious. We have put in place the following documents.

1. The school rules and Regulations-1995 Edition. Every pupil, upon
admission to Kisumu Boys' High School is provided with this
document and told to read and understand it thoroughly.  A pupil
who understands and acts according to the provisions of this
document normally will not have discipline problems.


2. Establishment and organization of a subject department
document.  This is an important document giving all the details of
operations of subjects department and elaborates on departmental
organization, teaching policy and testing and evaluation policy.
The school also maintains files containing all the minutes of staff
and departmental meetings.


3. The task of maintaining proper discipline.


4. Circular for admission, this helps to cube over admission.


a) Students Discipline

Maintenance of students discipline at Kisumu Boys High school (and indeed in any other school) is undertaken by the office of the Deputy Headmaster. The Deputy Principal however does not discharge this duty alone. He is simply in charge of a task undertaken by the entire staff as a collective responsibility. Prefects also play an important role in this task.


When there is no discipline, there is indiscipline.Committing an offence or acting contrary to the dictates of the school rules and regulations document is indiscipline and must be dealt with firmly and decisively.The following are common types of indiscipline

  • Lateness
  • Noise Making
  • Absenteeism
  • Disobedience to prefects
  • Cheating of any sort
  • Theft
  • Fighting
  • Drug abuse/ peddling

Several organs have been put in place to deal with such cases of indiscipline.

  • The Prefects body
  • The staff (general)
  • The Discipline committee 
  • The Deputy Principal
  • The Principal.
  • The Board of Governors
  • Five Directors of Education.

b) Staff Discipline

It is not only student who will normally engage in acts of indiscipline.
Cases of staff indiscipline do arise from time to time.   For example a
teacher may fail to discharge his or her teaching duties for a whole week
without permission, or he/ she may appear in school damn drunk and
obviously unable to discharge such duties.    At Kisumu Boys' High
School, such a teacher will be summoned to appear before Discipline
committee.  Normally, the teacher does not desist from the unbecoming
behavior; the Principal will take up the matter and recommended
interdiction.   This has happened in the past.   Such staff indiscipline is
rare, through to the extent that when we talk of discipline at Kisumu
Boys' without qualifications then we are referring to students' discipline.


c) Discipline of other workers in the school

The Discipline committee, the principal or the Board of Governors handles discipline cases involving this cadre of personnel in the school.

To sum up, discipline is a key element in the smooth and efficient operation of a school system such as ours. Kisumu Boys' High school has set the highest standard of discipline in Nyanza Province. It is our intention to guard this reputation jealously no alternative to this!