Implementation Of Academic Programmes



As noted earlier on, Kisumu Boys High school has a fairly broad curriculum offering instruction in the   departments   of   Languages,

Mathematics, Sciences, Humanities, Applied, technical education and       socio-cultural education.    Some of these broad areas have been split into smaller departments for ease of management. These are further divided into subject departments.

All these departments are headed by Departmental heads.

A list of the major departments is given below.

1.  Department of languages

2.  Department of Mathematics

3.  Department of Industrial Education and creative Arts

4.  Department of Humanities

5.  Department of Science

6.  Department of Careers, guidance and counseling

7.  Department of Socio cultural activities

8.  Department of Academic progress

9.  Department of curriculum interest
10.Department of Discipline.



What is now Kisumu Boys' High School has a history which stretches back to the early parts of this century.


The Kenya-Uganda Railways, …

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